Santa Pick Me Up Kid’s Costume




Ho, Ho, Ho! (Or Should We Say Trick or Treat?)With this hilarious Kids Santa Pick Me Up Costume, you get to decide when to unveil it!Want a Halloween costume that tricks the eye? Check. Looking for a funny take on Christmas Eve traditions? Check. This cheeky little suit will work for either holiday (or any holiday, if you’re feeling cheeky)! Product DetailsThe inflatable costume comes with a built-in fan and battery pack for easy wear, keeping Santa jiggly and jolly and relieving the wearer of any extra weight or discomfort caused by floppy fabric. All your child has to do is step into Santa’s shoes and push their head and upper body into the green shirt of the “carried” kid. Voila! Santa has snatched them up. Time to Check the ListHave they been naughty? Have they been nice? The story is yours. Your child will love playacting in this prankster suit. Perhaps Santa has come to steal them away, as he needs more workers at the North Pole. Or maybe Santa has arrived on Christmas to deliver presents, and he wants the child to distribute the gifts. With a child’s imagination, the endless possibilities are half of the fun!Disclaimer: No, this suit will not actually whisk your child away, no matter how naughty the child! We apologize if this is a disappointment. We recommend hiring a babysitter and getting away for an evening. You deserve it!