Ruthless Gangster Men’s Costume


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Gangster bizGangster biz? We know you’re all about it. After all, you are the one who’s been plotting a criminal empire. Yup, everything from small-town shakedowns to smuggling hooch across the border, well, you’ve got your bases covered. In fact, we think the only thing to do is to get dressed up and introduce yourself to the world as your new alias. Got a slick name picked out?In addition to creating a gangster persona, you’re also going to need a slick, new outfit. You know the type. Pinstripe suit, fedora, and a flower on the lapel. We’ve got it all covered, because we, of course, have your back with all the top costume selections. And it’s a sure bet that this Men’s Ruthless Gangster Costume will be just the one you’re looking for!Design & DetailsMade and designed right here in our own costume studios, we studied up on classic 20s styles, and decided a vest and pants combo would be just the right look for a brand new style. This costume was created with that idea in mind! It comes with a shirt, vest, pants, and a necktie. The vest and pants look like real suit pieces, and the gray with light pinstripes looks particularly debonair. The shirt and tie round out the ensemble, and you can add a fedora, Tommy gun, and saddle shoes to complete the style as we have it pictured. (Accessories sold separately.)A grand old timeWe’ve got your back with this Ruthless Gangster Costume, and we’re sure you’ll have a grand old time this Halloween when you decide on a gangster theme. Outfit all your friends and costume partners in one of our styles, and you’ll be ready to run the mob!