Royal Scepter with Gold Glitter


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The Fairy Dust DecreeHere Ye! Here Ye! The kingdom town crier has some news! All folks calling themselves kings and queens this Halloween must expand their sparkle quota. Yea, seasonal royalty doth have their choice of sparkle-rich accessories. The law of Halloween is nary unreasonable. Royal kiddos and grown-ups have rights. Thus, they may choose whatever splendorous props their hearts desire. And yet! Some of what you carry must have the utmost glitter and glint. And don’t ye forget it!Product DetailsAt almost two feet tall, you can up any royal costume’s glitter factor with this adorable scepter. The gold sparkles make this look stand out in costumes and make it extra fun to play with for dress-up time. The top is truly noble with a crown-shaped knob, sparkly red and big gold jewels. We all know that when it comes to ruling a kingdom, two crowns are better than one!Ritsy RulesOnce you or your child has met the glitter quota, it’s time to think about what your first decree will be. If it has anything to do with sharing Halloween candy, you’ll have to think about adding more authority to your costume. Make sure you’ve got a stately crown and a handsome cloak. You don’t want a candy rebellion on your hands!