Royal Queen Bee Costume


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Fit for a QueenTime for you to create a little buzz. And that’s because you’re not any ordinary person. You’re not a worker, and you’re not a drone. Fact is, you’re at the top of the ladder. Because you’re the Queen. And your kingdom is pretty sweet, too. Because you rule the hive!That’s right, sweet as in honey, and queenly as in the Royal Queen Bee. Face it, you got this. You’ve probably been preparing for a while, too. But it wasn’t until you feasted your eyes on this costume that all the pieces started to fall together just right. Because this Queen Bee costume is totally fit for a Queen!It’s the real deal when it comes to a bee costume, because while a jumpsuit or a romper would be fun… well, a dress would just be that much more fun! So, go on, promote yourself to Queen Bee with this costume choice.Product DetailsThis costume is styled as a long, layered, and very elegant dress, with serious inspiration from bumble bees! It features stripes just like on buzzing bees, and it has a structured collar and a velour-like finish. Gold accent trim completes the royal look, and if you get a miniature crown on the head it will make your Queen status official (accessories sold separately.)9 out of 10 bees agreeThat having a great queen is key to a successful hive! Of course, your primary mission this Halloween might not be getting all your workers to make honey, but we’re sure you’ll have an inspired time when you choose this dress costume. Pro tip: it works extra great when you make the theme a group or couple’s costume combination! Fly around with your bestie or group of friends, and we’re sure everyone’s going to be impressed with the buzz you really do create!