Rose Gold Girls Leopard Costume


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One Cute CatIt can be fun and easy to throw on a cat headband, draw on some whiskers and a little kitty nose, and head out to the party. But sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it. You want something more, but you still want something that’s easy to wear. This is especially true for kids. They want to run, play, and have a great time with friends, not worry about ruining their costume! If you have a young cat lover in your home, then this Girls Rose Gold Leopard could be the perfect wearable costume for them. Product DetailsThis dress has plenty of leopard print, along with some extra details! The spotted fabric makes up most of the dress, including the puffy short sleeves, skirt, and the padded tail at the back. A triangle of soft, white faux fur on the bodice represents the cat’s pale underbelly, while matching trim along the hemline makes it cohesive. To add extra elegance, a rose gold sash and bow circles the torso. A spotted headband with two pink ears makes for a cute headpiece, while the fingerless gloves add a cat’s pink paw prints. Add a bit of catty makeup if desired, and wear whatever shoes work best!Cat About TownIn all this feline finery, your little kitty is ready to take on the world! Whether it’s a costume party or a night of trick or treating, your child will be able to play with ease and purr with contentment.