Rose Enchantress Devil Horns


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Secret WeaponThe song of a siren, the smell of a bewitched cauldron boiling something more sinister than it smells, the sight of a calm sunrise or sunset — all could enchant even the most steel-hearted of us. But you aren’t interested in songs, cooking, or waiting around for the sun, are you? No. Follow us, we have something to show you…Design & DetailsThese Rose Enchantress Devil Horns will enchant whomever you want — we don’t guarantee it but we believe in you, and the horns — so you don’t have to bother with your singing voice or any witchy recipes. Best of all, they come with faux flowers, too! So the deep red color, the floral accents, and that enchanting quality you just have to see to believe will work together to make your next costumed ensemble