Roman Toga Costume for Men


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ROMANS, COUNTRYMEN, HERE IS OUR GEARThere is a reason that the classic look of the Roman toga will never go away.  It isn’t just that it is crazy fun to dress up in one for your collegiate party.  It isn’t that the ability to go somewhere without technically wearing pants is perhaps the most freeing experience anyone can ever have.  It isn’t even the fact that literal gods wore the threads while they were ruling on high in Mount Olympus.  It’s not even the awe of stepping into ancient history.  So, what is it!?  Well… actually, that’s where we need your help.  Hear us out.  The gladiatorial style and Roman wear remains one of the most popular and impressive looks out there and we can’t put our gladius down on why.  Neither can we rest on our laurels until we come up with an answer.  The only solution that we’ve got while we have your ears is to offer up this amazing Roman look and hear how you feel!DESIGN & DETAILSOur genius team of designers went to the oracles to perfect this ancient style with modern craftsmanship.  You will love this exclusive Roman Toga Costume, featuring a maroon red shirt with shiny golden print along the sleeves of Roman soldiers.  The toga is an off-white wrap with a tied cape, cinched together with a high-quality gold rope belt.  Complete your profound look with the 2-inch gold-tinted leaf laurel headband and feel like an emperor among men!  We hope you won’t require a weapon, but we have plenty available in case you feel the Ides of March coming soon.THE WHOLE PACKAGEPerhaps the reason the toga remains such a profound look is that it lets you be just a bit of everything.  Gladiator, god, emperor, and partier, you’ll be everything you’ve dreamed of when you don this exclusive Roman Toga Costume.