Rocking Ducky Doll Animatronic 36 Inch Prop


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It seems to us like we missed out on some choice encounters our far-off ancestors got to enjoy. Only a few short centuries ago, it seemed like folks were always stumbling across unicorns and dragons, or getting bombarded by ecstatic visions of angels and ghosts. We’re stuck with more modern mysteries, like, “where did we put our car keys?” Or, “what’s the closest establishment that will deliver a burrito to my living room?” But then again, maybe we should appreciate what we’ve got and the perils we don’t often have to encounter.But every so often, it’s good to remind people that mysterious, almost inexplicable forces could be lurking around every corner. It keeps them sharp, you know? Here’s something they’ll miss at their own peril and understand they need to avoid like the plague: this rattle-your-bones scary 36-inch Rocking Ducky Doll Animatronic Prop. When activated by infrared motion sensor, a step pad, or an old fashioned on/off switch, the duck rocks, the doll’s eyes light up, and spooky music bellows out of it. See what we mean?Set it on your porch or in your entryway—or dangerously close to your neighbor’s yardline. For one glorious moment, force your neighbors to look upon the spectral face of a cruel joke straight from the underworld! Add some playhouse music, and they’ll be shaking in their boots. We aren’t sure what else you could want in a scare: unexpectedness, oddity, spooky music, and a doll. Seems like a winner. It’s a veritable amalgam of horror. Use it wisely, but remember that neighbors—heck, even friends or family—aren’t obligated to maintain relations with you after giving them a stroke.