Ride It Out Women’s Cowgirl Costume


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It’s Cowgirl TimeDo you know what gets our goat? Westerns. There aren’t very many famous female cowgirls in the world of the rootin’, tootin’ Wild West. The men have a lot of famed names when it comes to roping and riding, but the gals are often left in the dust.That is, until now! Because it will be impossible to forget you in this Women’s Ride it Out Cowgirl Costume. Not one to serve drinks at the saloon, you want to be where the action is. Maybe you’re the county sheriff who can ride faster than a speeding bullet. Maybe you’re a good cowgirl helping law enforcement catch rogue robbers. Or maybe you’re the one whose face is plastered on those WANTED posters all over town—a cowgirl with a secret. The point is, whatever Western story you want to enact, this incredible costume will bring it to life before your very eyes. And it’s about time you cowgirls got your stories told!Product DetailsThis sassy look features a tie-front crop top with western details and metallic fringe. The high-waisted paisley print hot pants have a belt with a fab western-style buckle. Add whatever accessories you see fit — a holster, a cowgirl hat, even a pal in a horse costume. Yee-haw!See You at the SaloonSo it looks like we’ll be bumping into you at the local saloon, but not as a barmaid. Nope, you’ll swing through the doors and the whole room will go silent—the fiercest cowgirl in the county just walked into the room. And she means business.