Ric Flair Costume


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Take a Deep Breath…It’s okay. We know you just want to let it out. We understand. Just do it! There’s nothing more relieving than holding your breath for just a moment, filling your lungs, feeling the powerful beat of your heart, and then letting all that energy go in one, massive “WOOOOOOOOO!” Wow, that’s so much better!Everyone has an inner Nature Boy inside them and we think that getting in touch with the Ric Flair within is a crucial part of living your true self. There are a ton of ways to go about it, of course. You could hop into the ring and join in the stylings of the epic wrestlers… but that could be a little more than you were planning for!Design & DetailsInstead, how about you try this officially licensed Ric Flair costume? If the signature details on this exclusive won’t have you ready to channel your inner Nature Boy, then we don’t know what will. Made by Us, this exclusive WWE costume has all the trademark details from Ric Flair’s career in the ring. The full-length robe has wide sleeves and secures with a sash. Patterned sequin knit appliques adorn the front and back, and the back also features a name script applique to let everyone know just who they’re about to face off with. We’ve also included brief style trunks with signature “RF” printed on them, so you’ll be ready to hop into the ring if need be. We can’t say it will necessarily be a good idea to face off against Ricky The Dragon when you’ve got this costume, but as long as you’ve got your “WOOOO” ready to go, we think it’s worth a shot!… Let Out the Whooo!Once you’re garbed in this Ric Flair costume, you might find yourself yelling, “WOOOOOOO!” in the middle of movie theaters. That’s a little crazy, maybe, but there’s nothing that’ll make you feel quite so alive, either!