Regal Pirate Lady Women’s Costume


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Out of all the pirate crews on every ship out on the Seven Seas, you’re bound to find salty swashbucklers of every style and fashion. But, only one of them can earn the title of “Best Dressed Pirate” in the fleet. Dress up in this fiercely classy Regal Pirate Lady Costume, and you’ll win that honor for sure!Being the best dressed buccaneer doesn’t come with any prize money or trophy, or even a commemorative grog mug. They are pirates, after all, and can’t spend precious treasure on fashion contests when there are cannonballs to be restocked and sails to replace. But being the chicest, most elegantly dressed raider does come with what is possibly the only thing more valuable in pirate culture than gold. (or even rum) We’re talking about bragging rights, and when you’re stuck on a galleon in the middle of the ocean with a pack of salty sea dogs, the ability to brag about being the best at something and having it be true can be sweeter than any treasure!Just one look at you strutting around on the top deck in this sassy pirate uniform will clear up any doubts of you being the best dressed outlaw on the high sea. This dashing bright red jacket looks absolutely stunning with its gold braiding and the included white lacy cuffs and jabot, and the elegant black pants will go perfectly with whichever sexy style of boots you add. You’ll need an impressive hat to be the best dressed lady in the fleet, but you’d also better have a sword to help defend your title!