Referee Girl’s Costume


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Some kids like to play by the rules. Other kids? Well, they like to MAKE the rules. Their word is law and they’re not afraid to blow the whistle on any kid trying to break the rules. They’ll hand a yellow card without a second thought. You won’t catch those kinds of kids picking sides or wearing a team uniform. You’ll those kids wearing a referee uniform as they call all of the shots!Is your girl a shot-caller? Well then, this girl’s Referee costume may just be the best outfit around for her. Whether she’s going to watch for traveling during the next game of basketball, or she wants to call a first down at the next football game, this costume will give her the authority that she needs to make sure that everyone plays by the rules.The costume really comes with everything your little girl needs! It comes with a striped, button-up shirt with “00” on the chest. The black skirt creates a nice contrast to the top, while the belt is made with sparkling sequins to give it that dazzling style that really pops. The black socks have white stripes on the top to match the shirt and the black cap has black sequins to match the belt. The final piece to the costume is the yellow flag, which is perfect for waving to call some foul plays! Be sure to add a whistle to her outfit to make sure everyone stands to attention to hear her calls.