Reese’s Cup Costume for Women


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Halloween HustleDo you remember what it felt like to carry a whole bag of candy home from trick-or-treating? The feeling of power was almost as intoxicating as the pounds of candy you ate in between the houses. But now that you’re a grown human, it’s been a while since you hoisted a pillowcase full of enough candy to fill the shelves of a convenience store over your shoulder to sort at home. And once you chose a few choice-treats to top off the evening, you changed out of your costume, wiped off your face paint, and fell dead-asleep.Product DetailsThis costume pays tribute to the king of all Halloween treats! The Reese’s Cup logo is boldly emblazoned with the instantly recognizable. The dress has a tatter-patterned neckline and hem and securely held up with matching straps to keep your sweet ensemble in place. The look is topped off with a ribbon headband. It’s topped with sparkly tulle and a distinctly chocolate-shaped material. Want to create a group costume? Pair this look with an assortment of other candy costumes to create a look that’s worthy of the candy collection that you used to bring home when you were a kid!Halloween RaidHere’s what you didn’t know when you were a little trick-or-treater. While you were sleeping, dreaming of sugary spirits and marshmallow monsters, your parents were raiding your candy supply. They took candy bars, gummies, and you better believe the nabbed all the Reeses cups they could without you noticing! It’s time to take back the candy glory days. Rock a Reeses Peanut Butter dress and you’ll be able to relive those days of unlimited candy. Which will have to do until your potential kid brings home a candy pile for you to raid once they’re asleep. The legacy continues!