Reese’s Cup Buntington for Infants


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In the BeginningAh, baby’s first Halloween. It’s a magical moment, and that’s not just because this is the start of one of the most beloved childhood traditions. It’s magical because this is the Halloween where the parents get 100 percent of the loot. Well, maybe you have one more year, depending on the age of your infant. But after this year, you’ll be munching on anything with coconut, almonds, or any other ingredient that has what your child deems as adult-like flavors. But this year, it’s all yours. Yes, even the creamy, chocolatey peanut butter cup. While you might be savoring this delightful first holiday, you might end up savoring all the loot that your little sweetie earned you after one night of being adorable in this costume homage to the undeniable best trick-or-treating treat out there!Costume DetailsThis simple bunting costume will quickly make your baby trick-or-treat ready. The bunting has holes for the arms and the head. The bottom of the wrapper has hook and loop fasteners to let you change your kid’s diaper without taking the whole costume off.  The bright Reese’s logo will be instantly recognizable by your neighbors so that they’ll know to give you the good stuff. All In the FamilySharing your favorite parts of the world with your little one is one of the best parts of being a parent. Yes, sometimes that means sunsets, springtime, and jumping in puddles. But sometimes that’s as simple as stoking your love of chocolate and peanut butter with your infant before they even have teeth. Do you have other candy lovers in your crew? Check out the rest of our candy costumes. With all sorts of styles, sizes, and types of candy, we have a stash that’s almost as good as the one that will be all yours on Halloween night!