Red Wacky Adult Wig


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It’s a MatchYou were pretty confident when you entered that chili pepper eating contest. You had been working your way up the spicy scale at your local Indian restaurant all year. So as you took your place at the table with tiny bowls lined up holding the hottest peppers in the world you weren’t too nervous. It started out with the humble jalapeno, no one bulked. Then on to the Habenero. The person next to you started sweating. Finally, it was between you and one other toughie. There was once more pepper in front of you. The Carolina Reaper looked wicked at first glance. Then you took a bite. It was bad. It was intense. It was a tie. Your head caught on fire that day and has been burning ever since. Looks like your spicy food cravings have finally been satisfied!Product DetailsRight around two-feet tall, this bright and fiery wig adds plenty to your height. Everything is wacky about this wig from the hairline to the very tip. The one thing that’s certain when you’re wearing this look? You’re sure to have a whole lot of fun!Groovy GroupLooking for a simple way to bring a group of people together? Wacky wigs come in a bunch of colors for adults and kids alike. So shake things up and top your look off with a wig that’s sure to spark up some fun!