Red & Green Striped Women’s Tights


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Christmas ColorsAlthough we love dressing up for Halloween and are fascinated with all things spooky and scary, we certainly appreciate other holidays as well. If you love the Christmas season as much as we do, you’ll know that red and green are the go-to colors to display your holiday spirit! Green makes us think of pine trees, holly, mistletoe, and other plants that are traditionally used to bring some life into our homes during the long winter. Red became more associated with Santa Claus when artists started to depict him wearing a cardinal-colored coat in the majority of their drawings, thanks to some particularly popular Coca-Cola advertisements. Regardless of where these colors came from, we certainly know that they represent Christmas cheer, at least to us!Product DetailsDo you find yourself trying to inject some holiday spirit into your outfits? Look no further than these Red and Green Striped Tights! You can wear them with a variety of shorts, skirts, or bodysuits to create your perfect festive look. Try pairing them with an ugly Christmas sweater or sporting them underneath an elf costume. You could also wear them to add a fun twist to your Santa or Mrs. Claus costume! No matter how you wear these tights, we’re sure they’ll make your holidays just a bit more jolly.