Red Gangster Zoot Suit Men’s Costume


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Aye wise guy, so we heard you got a 40’s themed party coming up? Or is Halloween right around the corner? Either way, we got the perfect threads for you. If you want a costume that is both as classy as it is intimidating then you need to check out this Red Gangster Zoot Suit. Made right here in our very own costume shop, we can guarantee that you will always look top notch with this snazzy setup!Get ready to drop a couple greenbacks on the best suit money can buy, a classic Zoot Suit. All the most feared and respected mobsters back in the 40’s always had their zoot suit ready to go. Whether they were spreading chaos around town or if they were hitting up the club scene, they looked like a million bucks with one of these bad boys. So if you want to be the cat’s meow this Halloween or at the next decade’s party you get invited to, then be sure you grab this Red Gangster Zoot Suit!Oh, and if red isn’t your color, take a look through the rest of the zoot suits we have available. We know that you’ll find one that is just right for you. Then all you need to do is take a look through our collection of accessories. Find a fancy necktie as well as a classy fedora to top off this costume. You’ll be sure to have all peepers on you when you enter the party this time around!