Red Fire Hydrant Purse


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Fighting the Good FightDalmatians and firefighters have been a team since official firefighting crews became a thing. It makes sense. The polka dotted dogs look so good with bright red colors! Other than looking great with red, we’re not sure what else Dalmatians do in the firehouse. We have our ideas, though. We think they probably keep the firefighters tough by making them play tug of war constantly. We’re sure that the dogs are sure to eat up any leftover firehouse chili. And let’s never forget that these pups are great ratters to make sure the firehouses are clear of any muss. Another thing that firefighters and Dalmatians have in common? They both love fire hydrants… for very different reasons. While firefighters like the way these hydrants help them with their duties, Dalmations use them as the fanciest pit stop on the block. Product Details & DesignThis shiny fire hydrant purse has a top that zippers open, making dressing up as a firefighter and Dalmation convenient and adorable. The exterior is gorgeous with a red, shiny exterior and a textured base with hose hookups. The top has a small handle to make carrying your purse around convenient. Up in SmokeAre you ready to head into the world as a firefighter? This fire hydrant will make you look like you’re ready for the job! No need to ruin a costume by putting your phone and wallet in your everyday purse, simply slip this hydrant over your wrist and you’ll be ready to see those fires get smuggled to smoke!