Realistic Skull Face Mask


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Never fully DressedThey used to say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Now, people can’t often see your face. Because you’re never fully dressed without a mask. But there’s a way to compromise! Show your whole smile. Every single molar and canine when you wear this skeleton mask! Sure, people can see ethmoid and mandible as well as your pearly whites but at least you’re showing your face, right? Product DetailsAnatomy test coming up? Meeting with a head hunter? This is a great mask for all sorts of occasions! The straps fix to the back of your ears with soft nylon cords. There is also a pocket on the interior for an extra air filter. Reuseable and washable, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of reasons to break this skull face mask out!Match MakerOkay, okay. We’re a Halloween company, so of course, we know that this face mask will often be paired with a costume. Pair this a realistic skeleton costume or if you’re feeling dark, slip it on with a classic grim reaper costume for a look that’s sure to make your fellow revelers shriek! Whether you wear this solo or with a costume, it’s good to know that your smile’s on full display!