Realistic Leopard Spot Face Mask


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Flaunting Your SpotsLeopard spots have evolved to help the sleek cats blend in. However, that’s just not the case in the human world. You’re not spending all your time crouched behind tall grass, waiting for the moment to pounce on a grazing gazelle. You’re walking around flaunting your personality. In fact, there’s a large possibility that you have never even tried gazelle! Instead of helping you blend into the background, this face mask will help you become bold like a big cat mid-jump. Rock this look with one of our many fabulous leopard costumes or simply use it as an elegant way to complement your everyday ensemble. Either way, you’ll be glad that you’ve chosen to flaunt your spots!Product DetailsThere’s no reason that your face mask should ever be boring! This fierce mask covers your nose and mouth securely, using elastic bands that slip over your ears to stay in place. The breathable fabric has two layers and a pocket in the interior for an extra filter. As one size fits most, this mask is a great pick for the big cat lover in your life. If you’re not on the hunt, there’s no reason to hide. Flaunt your spots with this fantastic leopard mask!