Realistic Chameleon Costume for a Toddler


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Color in the Concrete JungleHe missed the trees. He missed the waterfalls, the cries of the birds, and the rays of sun filtering through the leaves. Adjusting to life outside the lush jungles of Madagascar was tough at first for this wild chameleon. Then, one day, the door of his cage was loose. He stepped out, crawled down the table, across the dining room floor, through the kitchen, and nudge his way out the door. After navigating the hallways and catching a break by sneaking onto an elevator via maid’s cart the wild Chameleon found the concrete jungle.The cries of the birds were replaced by a cacophony of traffic noises. Water fell from a hose coming from a restaurant kitchen. The light filtered through buildings that were even taller than the trees he was used to. And then he turned the corner. Sun filled the alleyway with its wall of ivy, weeds, and saplings. And there in the corner was a dumpster buzzing with more flies than one lizard could ever eat. He was home!Product Details & DesignAny reptile loving kid is sure to get a kick out of this wild Chameleon costume! This Made by Us look has a high-quality look that’ll make your little one stand out in a crowd… or blend in… whatever you want. This jumpsuit zips up the front and has a built-in arched back, neck, and a sculpted hood with bulging eyes and a lolling tongue. The fabric’s wild pattern was created by our in-house graphic designers to keep the look fresh. Claws snap over the shoes and paws hide your child’s hands to the look with look complete from every angle. A small Order of FliesWhile we wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to serve up bugs for Halloween dinner, it won’t take long for your kid to get into character with this costume. Here’s to blending in and breaking out of the mold this Halloween!