Realistic Chameleon Costume for a Child


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Rare AwesomenessGreat news! Your child doesn’t have to travel to Madagascar to get up close and personal with their favorite animal, the chameleon! Which is great, because ever since your little one first learned about these amazing lizards in school, they’ve become obsessed with reading and researching everything they can about these charismatic little critters. And chameleons truly are amazing! Seriously, your kid wrote us a letter telling us all kinds of cool facts about them—for instance, a chameleon’s tongue can extend over two times its body length; a chameleon changes color as a means of communication as well as camouflage; chameleons can move each eye independently! We instantly got onto trying to craft the costume of your kid’s dreams, and we think we’ve done it. This Child’s Realistic Chameleon Costume won’t need to change colors throughout Halloween, because your kid’s joy and elation is nothing to hide in the shadows!Design & DetailsAfter your child told us all about chameleons, we knew it was important to make an outfit that did these incredible lizards justice. That’s why this exclusive costume is crafted with the utmost care to be realistic and eye-catching! It’s a vibrant green, blue, and yellow jumpsuit with attached gloves. The boot covers mean your kid can wear their favorite comfy sneakers and still look the part, and the attached tail is (sadly) not prehensile, like most chameleons, but looks pretty darn real! The hood attaches and boasts the lizard’s iconic bulging eyes and long tongue. We did your kiddo proud with this one!Flick or TreatThe best thing about being a chameleon for Halloween maybe your kid’s ability to flick their tongue from far away and secure a sweet treat from an unsuspecting neighbor or sibling! We don’t encourage using these chameleon ways to gather candy, though. It’s much more fun to let folks fawn over this cool costume and fill your kid’s bag with candy!