Razor Teeth Clown Face Mask


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Escape from the CircusBongo the clown has been having a rough couple of months. Ever since he found that weird music box in an abandoned old theater, he hasn’t been himself. First, his jokes just started landing flat. Then he began laughing at nothing, with a terrifying look in his eye. That’s when the ringmaster took Bongo out of his regular performance schedule. But Bongo still showed up at unexpected moments. He’d suddenly crab walk across the tight rope or creep out of a barrel during the horse and pony show with a sinister grin on his face. When Bongo started yelling in Latin, all of his coworkers agreed that they had a possessed clown on their hands. It’s just too bad that they didn’t secure him in his room well enough. That night Bongo the clown escaped and none of his clown friends ever saw him again!Product DetailsYou’ll surely horrify your friends and family when you slip this disturbing face mask over your mouth and nose. The mask features a clown’s face with filed down teeth and a gory maw. The interior has a pocket to insert a filter for extra protection. Elastic bands slip around your ears to keep this disturbing mask firmly in place!