Rapunzel Ride On Costume for Toddlers




To Adventure!Rapunzel isn’t the kind of girl to sit around, waiting to be saved! She tried that for a while. It didn’t really work out too well and it’s not really true to her personality. It was just sort of boring… even if she did end up meeting Flynn Rider in the process. We also think that’s why she’s such good friends with Maximus! That peppy white horse loves a good adventure too, so it seems natural that those two get along.Actually, does your girl have an adventurous spirit just like the princess from Tangled? Then she might like a good adventure, just like Rapunzel. She’s going to need a trusty steed to take her where she needs to go!Product DetailsWell, now your child can a horse of her own with this Rapunzel Ride On Costume! The costume comes with a dress and plush horse combined into one single piece that your child can wear on her next adventure. The back legs of the horse act like pant legs for your little girl. The front of the horse is made of plush material and is fully stuffed. The face recreates the face of Maximus from the Disney animated movie. The top portion of the costume is a purple dress, just like the one worn by Rapunzel in Tangled. It even comes with reigns so your child can look like she’s riding her very own horse! The finishing touch to the outfit is a headpiece that matches the dress, completing the princess style.New Quests Await HerIf you have an adventurous young princess in your life, then she’ll love roleplaying as the iconic Disney character. The single piece costume is easy to slip into, so your child will be ready for a brand new quest in an instant.