Rainbow Women’s Dress Costume


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Bright NightIt can somehow feel easier to be down in the dumps and give in to gloom. The really hard work is choosing to shine brightly, even when life is tough. You just happen to be the kind of gal that gleams from head to toe, regardless of the day. Things other people complain about, you feel grateful for. And when people chit-chat about how bad the weather is, you try to find the silver lining. So, how about now you become that silver lining? In this Women’s Rainbow Dress Costume, you can step out on Halloween night dressed as the bright beacon of hopeful cheer you were made to be. We promise you’ll look as good as you’ll feel, and vice versa. You’ll also be a welcome respite from the dark gloominess of all those zombies, witches, demons, and vampires out there! Product DetailsThis giddy getup answers the age-old question: can rainbows somehow be…flirty? It seems they can! This dress is exquisitely made by us and exclusive to our line, and it somehow walks the fine line between cheerful and sassy. We love it. It’s SO you. It’s a short blue shift dress with a bold rainbow on both the front and back, along with a cloud-inspired ruffled hem. Slip on the sunny headband and prepare to be wowed at your especially great mood and inspirational look. Cloud ControlAs you float through the Halloween party, make sure you home in on anyone complaining—one sight of you ought to turn their mood around and remind them to look on the bright side!