Rainbow Pet Cape


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This Side of the RainbowWe’ve heard plenty of tales about magical realms where bright colors and mystic happenings are commonplace. But, our own world can sometimes feel just a little bit drab. We’re not talking about a full grayscale scenario or anything, of course. But, just a bit of magic darting from one place to the next might be a pretty stellar bonus! Fortunately, we’ve got our four-legged friends who can usually fill that role! Their beaming faces and excitable yips can show us the silver lining no matter how dark the clouds. That said, even the powerful pooch could use a little help! Product DetailsGive your super-pupper the heroic accessory that they deserve: this Rainbow Cape. The multi-colored satin cape fastens around the neck and under the belly with hook and loop strips and features the complete colorful range of good old Roy G. Biv! A great complement for an existing costume or just to bolster your furry friend’s natural heroic qualities. Brightest Pup in KansasWho needs to see what’s over the rainbow when you have a pet that brings the bright colors right with them!? This Rainbow Pet Cape is just the thing to chase the blues away… or at least bring the rest of the spectrum along with it!