Rain Cloud Women’s Costume


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Wishing for WeatherSome people always wish for sunny days. Others hate the heat. But who doesn’t respond to the rumble of thunder and the flash of lightning? When spring storms hit, you know that winter has left your area for the season. A summer thunderstorm brings a break from the heat and a reason to curl up in a chair and watch the weather outside. A fall thunderstorm puts you in a spooky state of mind and gives you a craving for hot cocoa and a crackling fire. And after any storm, a sunny day will always seem a little more sparkly. If there’s nothing you like more than a good ol’ storm, celebrate the weather with this delightful Rain Cloud costume!Design & DetailsThis unique Made By Us stormy costume was designed by our in-house creative team. The sandwich board style is simple to slip on over a range of outfits. A bright bolt of lightning and sparkling raindrops will make this costume clear to anyone at a first glance! Wear this with playful rain boots for an elementary school costume day or dress it up with a sparkly rain-worthy ensemble underneath. No matter how you wear it, this costume is sure to cause a splash wherever it goes!What’s on the RadarIf you have the right attitude, you can love all sorts of weather. Are you looking for the perfect group costume? Pair up with a sun and a tornado. You could even give an outgoing friend a microphone and an inside-out umbrella and they could narrate the whole evening as the weatherman. You see, talking about the weather doesn’t always have to be boring. Not when there’s a storm of great costume ideas brewing. Just be sure and nab this cloud costume before you go sharing this idea, you know that the storm will be the star of the show!