Raggedy Andy Costume for Men


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The Life of the Toy Box Want to impress your lady friend at the costume party? Do you crave an outfit that is unique, funny, and still manages to say “Hug Me” all at once? Hear us out. Other guys may choose to go the flashier route, picking a muscly superhero or wrestler. You, though, know that creativity and confidence are surefire ways to win over that special someone. That’s why you’ll pick a less obvious costume – one that expresses your colorful personality and shows off your sensitive side! This costume will show her that you know how to have a good time, and that you’re always up for a snuggle! What else could she want in a guy?Product Details You’ll always be ready to play when you wear your exclusive Raggedy Andy Costume for Men! Show off your snazzy sense of style in a red, blue and white shirt with a playful black bow tie that fastens behind the collar. Pull on those powder blue capris with the big white buttons and listen for the “Awwws!” as all the ladies in your vicinity succumb to your charm. Add the red and white striped socks, and pop on the touchably soft red yarn wig! The blue, red, and white hat is the final word in accessorizing.Who Wants to Play? You’ll be irresistible when you dress as everyone’s favorite doll! It’s almost unfair to your crush if you dress like this – she’ll want to be the Raggedy Anne to your Andy (metaphorically – the “real” Anne was Andy’s sister and that’s not the vibe you’re going for.)