Raggedy Andy Costume for Kid’s


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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, America’s favorite doll siblings, are secretly superheroes. Hear us out. Once upon a time, a turn-of-the-century dad really wanted to keep his young daughter entertained. He found a faceless rag doll, fixed it up, and spun the story of a sweet and mischievous little toy who got into hijinks whenever her humans’ backs were turned. When her brother Raggedy Andy came to visit, he did the same as his sister – only he got into even more trouble! Fortunately, he got away with everything just because he was so fast. Not a single human was quick enough to catch him in his tomfoolery. Sounds like superhero powers, doesn’t it?Product Details Not everyone with special abilities wears a cape! Embrace your speedy abilities when you wear your exclusive Raggedy Andy Costume for Kids! The red, blue and white polycotton shirt fits comfortably and is aerodynamic for quick movements. The black bowtie fastens securely behind the collar and won’t fall off as you evade those clumsy humans. The blue capri-style pants have an elastic back to keep them snugly on your waist. Pull up the red and white socks and add the red yarn wig and the matching hat. You’ll be ready for anything, but especially for causing a ruckus!Made for Mischief Sure, maybe he gets into a little trouble here and there, but Raggedy Andy really has a sweet nature. He wouldn’t have been so popular all these years if he wasn’t a real sweetie at heart! This costume is the perfect way to express both of those sides – a little naughty, a little nice. It all adds up t a lot of fun!