Racy Raccoon Adult Costume


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Rogues come in all shapes, sizes… and even species. And, while they are certainly dangerous, there is something exotic and enticing about them as well. The ability to slip into a room unseen is remarkable and the risk of that vulnerability is just a little bit exciting. What might a sneakthief be there to acquire? A trinket of value? An old heirloom? Secreted information that might be used to bring about your ultimate downfall in the high courts of an old world kingdom? Or, perhaps just a kiss!?Some say that the raccoon is Nature’s own bandit and it is pretty tough to argue with that idea! Sneaking quick and skillfully through the dark, they can appear in your yard and rifle through your things before you even have the first clue that they are there. But, that’s not the only kind of banditry we can expect from these little masked wonders. They can walk right up and steal your heart in mere moments of seeing their adorable faces. With a quick grab and nudge, the tricky little folk leave you with a lasting affection that can’t be explained while they walk away seemingly innocentAt least, that’s what they think! Take on your true identity with this Racy Raccoon Adult costume. This long-sleeved soft black dress comes with a gray faux fur accent trim along the hemline and cuffs and an adorable striped raccoon tail sewn into the back. Color coordinated stockings finish the base look. Then, pull your hood up to reveal the attentive ears that will keep you aware of all the juiciest details while your fluffy pompoms distract any watching you. Don your black eye mask to keep your identity secret! Now all you need to decide is what to call yourself as you begin your tricky life of banditry!