Purple Wacky Child Wig


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Royal Purple, Indeed!The hair has been making a good look great since the beginning of time. Take Queen Hapshetsut, for instance, this is a lady who ruled Egpyt in a time when that country was a real boy’s club. While her smarts and dignity brought her a lot of respect, we have to assume her amazing, lion mane-style hairdo had plenty to do with it as well. This tradition of good hair has extended itself through the years from the Victorian ladies of Europe to the tall beehives of the fifties, tall do’s will never be forgotten. Product DetailsTalk about an unforgettable hairdo! This wild wig has a juicy color that’ll stand out in any crowd (unless your kid is hanging out in a group of grapes). The tall wig is just about two feet tall so even shorties will feel confident and tall once they throw on this look. A Colorful CharacterThis wig is the perfect way to top off monster costumes, crayon costumes, and all sorts of other characters for everyday dress-up play. Putting together a group look for the whole family? We have a wide variety of colors for adults and kids alike! This is one easy way to transform into a colorful character.