Purple Suitmeister Solid


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Classic ColorsWhen you get a suit to wear to a formal event, it’s almost always black. Maybe you’ll sometimes get one in navy blue or a variety of gray, but those still aren’t super exciting colors. We think it’s healthy to change things up once in a while—including your formal wear. So what color should you get? We vote for purple! Purple is known as the color of royalty. Why is that, anyway? It’s a fascinating history, but long story short, good quality purple dye was really expensive. Like, REALLY expensive. A purple garment could be worth more than its weight in gold, until synthetic purple dye was invented. Fortunately, these days, purple cloth is just as affordable as most other colors, so you can look regal with a regular budget!Product DetailsThis solid purple suit from Suitmeister is a great option for formal wear that will add some vivid hues to your wardrobe. It comes with a jacket, tie, and pants that you can wear together for maximum vibrancy, or mix and match them with other pieces to create an outfit with just a pop of color. You’re sure to find yourself reaching for this suit time and again to spice up your formal and fun occasions.A Vision in VioletIf you’re looking to add some new options to your suit collection, this Suitmeister solid purple suit might be for you. And you’re not alone on the more adventurous side of fashion! We’ve seen celebrities sporting suits from all over the color spectrum in the last few years, so we think it’s time to join in. Be sure to check out all the other colors we have as well so you can maximize your mix and match choices to make an outfit worthy of the red carpet!