Purple Iridescnet Glitter Makeup


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Shimmer and ShineUsually, sparkle is a good thing. If you have a “sparkling” conversation, that means it was lively and interesting. If someone “has a sparkle in their eye,” that means they look healthy and happy. (Unless, of course, they literally have a piece of glitter in their eye. Then they’re probably not very happy.) Anyway, humans like things that shine. Since we depend on light to see, anything that reflects it back to us strongly automatically gets our attention. So if it’s shiny AND it’s your favorite color, you’re probably going to notice it, and think it’s beautiful.Product DetailsThis purple iridescent glitter is a great way to add some sparkle to your costume (and hopefully not your eye). This cosmetic item is safe to use on your skin so you can make your outfit look complete. Use it to add interest to a variety of costumes, such as a fairy, a witch, a rock star, a princess, some grapes, a belly dancer, or even a purple crayon. Any purple ensemble could use some purple sparkle!Glorious GlitterAdd this purple iridescent glitter to any costume for that extra shimmer. It’s sure to bring a little attention and interest to your look!