Pretty Bones Girl’s Skeleton Costume


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Searching For SpookySo, the invite for the big costume party has arrived. And along with it, your girl has let you in on some pretty big news. This year, for Halloween, she wants to be spooky! That’s right, she’s had lots of fun as princesses and rag dolls in the past, but she’s at the age when she’d like to leave the cute costume at home and try out something spooky and maybe even with a touch of the macabre! Well, there’s a classic Halloween go-to for that, and it’d be none other than a spooky skeleton costume. And we’ve got this Pretty Bones Skeleton Costume for girls just for her! It’s got the classic printed skeleton bones for spine-tingling effect, but with tank top styling and elbow-length gloves it has a feminine touch making it an ensemble she’ll adore.Product DetailsShe can become a spooky reanimated fright when she gets this Girls’ Pretty Bones Skeleton Costume! This detailed costume includes a shirt, leggings, and gloves. Each piece is graphic printed with skeleton details, on both the front and back. The artwork is upgraded from the typical white skeleton bones you might be familiar with, too. The bones are a realistic yellowish tone, with careful artwork that adds depth and dimension so that it almost looks like it’s 3D! The leggings fit at the waist, and the pullover shirt features a v-hem and tank top shoulder cuffs. She can just complete the look with the elbow-length gloves to let her become a classic Halloween monster!A Classic ThemeWhen a classic theme is the choice she’s got in mind, this Girl’s Pretty Bones Skeleton Costume is sure to make her happy. Be sure to grab any accessories she might need while you’re here, as we’re fully stocked on face paint, Halloween makeup, and any other accessory that might make the costume more awesome!