Premium Gandalf Costume for Plus Size Men


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A Wizard ArrivesWe’ve been debating among ourselves for quite some time now about the nature of wizards and quests. It’s destroyed friendships and created terrifying alliances in the group. We figured we should take it to the street, so here goes… What would you do if some random man in a long beard and a pointy hat who smelled appeared at your house and asked you to join him on an adventure?Now, this is basically a yes or no question. Would you jump up and down with joy over the opportunity to travel across the lands and adventure with somebody who definitely looks like a wizard, or will you tell him to bug off then return to your little home where you’ll live a warm and cozy, but boring life? Most of us love the idea of seeing distant lands, completing quests, and meeting all sorts of new people. You don’t seem to agree with us though. You would much rather stay at home, and not go off on adventures with a quote “strange man you don’t know.” To this we would like to reply, “um, yeah huh we know who it is. He’s obviously a wizard!”Product DetailsThe deluxe nature of this fantastic Gandalf costume starts with the full pullover tunic and the long sleeves that create that classic flowing look straight from the film. Of course, a wizard costume must have the hat and this one even has a wire brim so you can shape it exactly as you want. The belt fastens around the wait easily with a small buckle, and the bag completes the look!Deluxe Gandalf Costume Maybe you’d prefer to be the one who knocks? Here’s all you have to do… You don this fantastic Plus Sized Gandalf Costume and take a look in the mirror. Son of a Balrog do you look fantastic or what!? Alright now that that’s out of the way, your actual mission is to go door to door and ask people to go on an adventure. We’ve found that the closer it is to Halloween, the more likely people are to at least hear you out. You record the results and let us know which side is the better one. Good luck and don’t forget your staff!