Power Rangers: Yellow Ranger Morphsuit Costume




Were you one of the most powerful teenagers at your school? Were you selected as captain of a sports team and asked out to all the dances? No? Were you fast and well-coordinated? Did you have attitude? No? Well…let bygones be bygones, as they say. OR, as we say: it’s never too late for a second chance. We’re recruiting you to join the team and transform into a fighting force, so get dressed as one of the most elite teens you knew—the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!Maybe you aren’t yet as well versed as you’d like in the deadly art of Praying Mantis Kung Fu like Trini Kwan—no matter to us, we like your attitude and think you’ll make a great addition to our squad this Halloween. Trini may have been a master at lightning fast moves and powerful kicks, but they are not actually a requirement for you to be able to wear this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Yellow Ranger Morphsuit. In case you haven’t heard, that awful Rita Repulsa is making a comeback, so we need you to summon the Sabre-Toothed Tiger Dinozord and get out there as a real member of the team! Quick!Wait, you don’t have one parked in your driveway? Well, that’s still okay; we didn’t give you much notice that you’d have to save the world. We will still let you use this super-authentic spandex suit if you promise to give us credit later, when you’re finally given the power and glory you were always due..