Pouty Lips Realistic Face Mask


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Perfect the PoutLet’s be honest about something. Perfecting the perfect runway-ready and photo-op optimal pouty lip look is a LOT harder than it may seem. Believe us, we have spent hours in the bathroom with a tube of red lipstick, giving it our best go (don’t even get us started on how hard it is to find that perfect shade of red lipstick, anyway). Models and actors make it look easy, but being beautiful and pouty at the same time is really, really tricky. Luckily, this Pouty Lips Face Mask takes all the guesswork out of the process. It’s a perfect pouty red lip on a cream background that can mimic the real deal. Wear it with a fun Halloween costume and skip the stress of lipstick application, or opt to wear it to the supermarket and make a big splash down the aisles. Just be prepared to sign some autographs!Product DetailsThis must-have mask features two layers of breathable fabric in a reusable style you’ll love to wear again and again. The stretchy earloops are totally adjustable, while there is also room for a filter in the inside pocket. Comfortable sizing fits most faces, even the poutiest, prettiest ones, like yours!