Pouncing Tiger Costume for Women


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Claws For CelebrationYou’re a real go-getter in the office; you pounce on every job, big or small, simple or complex. And the company notices your professional prowess! You were recently given a promotion, a new corner office, and a choice of top-end clients. Why not go out for a night and celebrate your success? You know what they say: work hard, play hard! And you’ve definitely worked hard.This Women’s Pouncing Tiger Costume is ideal for a night on the town to let your hair down, or for a Halloween to remember! It’s as sassy as it is eye-catching, as powerful as it is brazen. It’s basically the perfect costume for a forward-thinking, in control, stealthy lady such as yourself. So what are you waiting for? You wouldn’t sit back at the office and let someone else steal your case—so don’t wait another moment here before securing this look and crowning yourself the best of the big cats. Product DetailsTotally fetching and fierce at the same time, this luxe look features a zippered teddy with clear, adjustable shoulder straps and an allover tiger print. The print carries through to the long, fingerless gloves and the thigh-high stockings, for a put-together ensemble from head to toe! Speaking of your head, you’ll want to top it in this headband, which has fuzzy ears on top and matches the stuffed tail, which fastens in the back. All that’s left is to secure the matching choker necklace and head out on the hunt for major fun! Remember, you’ve earned it!Urban SafariThis costume may become a bit of a habit—you’ll likely find yourself wearing it after work on multiple occasions when you want to infuse your nights with a bit of untamed adventure. For a wild animal, you show amazing control. No matter how late you prowl, you’re always the first one in the office, coffee in hand! You’re amazing!