Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Purse


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Well-Earned PauseHunting for legendary leprechaun gold takes more work than you were expecting. When you were five-years-old and heard the story the first time, you assumed you could catch the little green man in class one March and ask him politely to escort you to the end of the rainbow. That never happened, though. So, you pursued the elusive rainbow-end whenever you saw one, even if it was just a little rainbow cast through a sunny window. While the lush fields of clovers you sometimes stumbled into were beautiful, they weren’t the treasure you were after—neither were the dusty corners that those window rainbows pointed to. Take a break from the chase and carry a different pot of gold with this St. Patrick’s Pot of Gold Purse!Design & DetailsWhether you’re heading to a St. Patty’s Day parade or sporting a flashy leprechaun costume for Halloween, this exclusive costume accessory is a must-have! The black purse is given its magical look with metallic gold applique shaped like a pile of gold, and the sturdy nylon shoulder-strap guarantees you’ll be able to locate the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Meanwhile, you decide what “gold” you’ll find by filling the zippered purse with all your favorites and essentials!Legendary AccessoryMake everything you carry feel like a treasure with this St. Patrick’s Pot of Gold Purse! With this clever costume accessory in your wardrobe, all your Halloween, St. Patrick’s, and everyday outfits will go from mundane to legendary!