Pot Leaf Costume for Adults


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Legalize FunYou thought and thought about your Halloween costume this year, but given that you are just about to open your new dispensary, there was no look that seemed as appropriate (or as business-building) and this Adult Pot Leaf Costume!Now that the glorious green goods are legal in your state, you can enjoy making a living doing what you love. And there’s no better way to celebrate this newfound freedom than with this simple yet statement-making, ensemble. It’ll spark some seriously interesting party conversations, and you can talk up your new venture in the process. Of course, if you want to use this for 4/20 instead, or just wear it outside your new storefront on opening day, that’s your call. Just be ready for a lively chat or debate wherever you wear it!Product DetailsLike all good things in life, the beauty of this costume is its simplicity. Wear it over your own clothes for a quick fix to your Halloween costume conundrum. It’s a pullover tunic in the recognizable shape of a marijuana leaf. It’s printed on the front to look realistic. Now, go and be very merry—or just responsibly rep your business. Whatever you choose!All in the FamilyThe only party we really don’t think you should wear this costume to is your Grandma’s Easter fest. Or Christmas eve dinner. Although, you could always tell Granny you’re starting a hemp seed business and trying to garner customers. Or who knows, maybe your Grandma is your best customer…to each their own.