Posable 18 Inch Furry Spider


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Not So Itsy BitsyHarry the Spider started out rather tiny. He was born in a humble corner of a haunted house. And when he got big enough to venture out of the web, he began to explore. For a while, he spun his web between the mirrors of the carousel room. He liked the organ music that played throughout the night but didn’t catch a lot of flies. He moved on to the laboratory. He had a little more luck but one day a mutant rat suggested he check out the crypts in the basement. If he let the rat out of the cage, he could show Harry the way. It was a deal! Harry set up his home among the bones and soon was feasting on all sorts of creepy crawlies and soon enough he was the healthy, hearty size that you see today. You might say he’s making the most of a macabre situation!Product DetailsWant to make sure your seasonal display stands out with plenty of creep factor? This 18-inch spider prop is just realistic enough to get a few shrieks out of the unsuspecting friend or family member. The hairy body is seven inches long and has a soft, velvety texture. The legs are adjustable and can be extended for maximum freak factor. Pair this creature with the web of your choice to capture the imaginations of Halloween revelers this year!