Pop Up Adult Top Hat


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You’re the Top A little flirty, a little foxy, a little studly…a good hat is all of these things and more! These days, it’s not so common to see a guy or a gal sauntering down the sidewalk in a fabulous lid, so write this down, everyone: The way to make a fashion statement and to outshine the competition is to do something that no one else is doing and do it with confidence. When your fashion statement is a shape-changing surprise, that’s even better!Product Details Who wouldn’t want a stylish lid that mysteriously changes size and shape? This Pop Up Top Hat for Adults is just the ticket when you want to dress to impress. Your friends will be astonished both by the stylish red and black polyester stovepipe shape and also by its fabulous design! Simply push the hat in its center to make the crown pop up, and push it again to collapse it. Shazam, baby!