Pooping Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater




There are many times throughout the year that we find ourselves face-to-face with the power of a holiday spirit that almost overwhelmingly conquers all other impressions. Whether it is the push to invest time, energy, and perhaps more than a couple handfuls of dollars over Halloween towards the perfect costume that will conjure up any number of surprised faces and congratulatory compliments or the stirring wealth of candy cane tinted cheer that drives us to well-wish good tidings on our fellow humankind for the Christmas season, we can all be sure that we’ll have a number of expectations placed upon our shoulders to keep up with the droves of holiday spirit. And, let’s face it, that burden can be pretty difficult to maintain at times!Fortunately, there is more than one way to participate. And, we cannot help but feel that a good dose of goofy humor might be the perfect way to both join in the fun as well as counteract some of the force of cheer. It is for this reason that the complicated and dual-functioning Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition became a reality. And, this Pooping Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater is perhaps one of the greatest entries into that contest imaginable. Made of soft cotton and featuring wintery snowflakes and equally wintery moose in the process of being themselves, this otherwise red sweater will leave your friends and family blushing away the giggles for years to come.