Poodle Socks


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What’s buzzin cuzzin? Looking for the perfect accessory to complete your nifty 50s costume? Getting nervous because the big day is coming up and you have yet to finish your outfit? Well, you can lose the zorros, there’s no reason to worry. We have just what you need. Cast an eye on these adorable Poodle Socks! If you want to be the coolest cat at the costume party then these socks will leave you right on cloud 9.Nothing pulls an entire outfit together like the right pair of socks. You wouldn’t wear athletic socks with a nice suit or dress socks with your workout gear, right? So why would you wear boring modern socks with an exciting 50s costume? You wouldn’t… Unless you want to end up in Nowheresville. But you seem like a real livewire that wants to light up the night and find a one-way ticket to the hippest party in town. Pssst. These Poodle Socks are pretty much your ticket into the limelight!