Pluto’s Princess Women’s Costume


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Cue guitar riff. Cue lightning effect. Cue saucer craft descending from the sky.*The Pluto Princess has landed*That’s right. It’s time for you to make your entrance into the party. As the Pluto Princess! You ready for this? Of course, you are! You were born to sail the stars, an interplanetary explorer in waiting. All you’ve been waiting for was your opportunity. And this is your big shot!You’re going to need to look the part, of course, before you assume the mantle. So, go on, get yourself this Pluto Princess costume, and let’s get to work! The easy part, naturally, will be wearing this chic outer space themed costume. The hard part? Constructing an interplanetary craft and figuring out the nuts and bolts of lightspeed travel. But, no worries, we’ll figure out all that stuff later!Product DetailsFrom some of our favorite costume friends at Forum Costumes, this Women’s Pluto’s Princess Costume is going to have you standing out this Halloween. A sleek and chic dress, the choker necklace is included. The dress’s shimmering silver design is accented with a purple center panel and purple accent along the sleeve cuffs and tiered skirt styling. Accessories sold separately.The rest of the story is up to you!With this costume, you could be a human from the future, a friendly E.T., or, as the name suggests, real outer space royalty. Pick up some body paint if you’re feeling like an alien or a couple of toy blasters if you want to be a battler. We’ve got all the gear in our accessories section that’s needed to complete this costume look!