Plus Size Voodoo Dude Men’s Costume


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Give us a handOne can never have enough helping hands, that’s our motto. Whether it’s monkey paws, skeleton hands, or the clawing, grasping hands of eldritch horrors from the other side, you’d do well to take heed of our favorite adage and just say yes! Help is help, whether it comes from small animals entrails, random assorted bones, or homemade dolls with pins stuck into them.Besides, why spend your precious time trying to win the hearts and minds of the masses when you can just accept the offers of aid as they come? What’s the worst that can happen?Product DetailsThe Men’s Plus Size Voodoo Dude Costume will strike the fear of voodoo magic into your friends and foes. The foam hat with its sewn-on bones and faux gem is just tops. The molded mask covers the upper half of your face and is held on by an elastic band around the back of your head. The jacket is printed with graphics and includes the attached monkey hands hanging from cords. It fastens with center-front buttons, and the second row of buttons gives it a double-breasted look. After all, you want to look suave and spooky at the same time. Conveniently, the jacket has vest panels sewn directly into the sides and fastens with silver-tone filigree buttons. This ensemble does not include the rubber snake, gloves, or necklaces shown; those were gifts to us from Grandma. Sorry.Chic StyleAt least if you lose your soul, you can be sure that you look suave to the end in this costume. It’s basically a suit jacket with quite a few stylish embellishments. Who could notice any of your flaws when your face is hidden behind a skull mask and your body is covered with pins and the appendages of innocent apes? That’s right, no one! You’ll no doubt be the most impressive Voodoo Dude at your party.