Plus Size Solid Purple Women’s Tights


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Passionate About PurplePurple has represented royalty for a long time. Before synthetic dyes were invented, only the super-rich could afford quality purple fabric that didn’t fade or turn brown. Because of this, we tend to associate purple with royalty, power, strength, and ambition. However, we think it doesn’t always have to be a serious, dark color. We think everyone should be able to wear a bright, fun shade of purple even if they’re not extremely wealthy. After all, it also represents magic and mystery, and has become a go-to color for Halloween in recent years as well. It’s a beautiful color that you can wear for multiple occasions!Product DetailsIf you love purple as much as we do, then you’ll like these Plus Size Solid Purple Tights. They’re the perfect thing to add some color to your wardrobe. You can wear them under shorts, dresses, skirts, or a bodysuit for plenty of outfit options. And if you’re grabbing these tights to wear on Halloween, they’ll go great with a variety of costumes. Spice up your look as a princess, a pop star, a witch, or even a bunch of grapes with these vibrant tights! You’ll feel great no matter what you decide to wear them with.