Plus Size Raggedy Andy Costume for Men


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Because You Know I’m All About That Plush – No Plastic We know. Ken dolls get all of the credit. Their plastic-perfect coiffed hair, those perky smiles with straight white teeth, the perfect tan that only PVC can provide….it’s no wonder the other toys feel self-conscious in his presence. You, though, you’re too smart to fall for Ken’s fabulous façade. What you lack in silicone, you make up for in spirit and sass! Plastic can’t compete with plush. Plush will win every time through sheer fun and huggability. And don’t even get us started about parties! It’s hard to bust a move when you’re made of stiff material, but when you’re a raggedy cotton party animal, flopping and flapping your way to the title of Dance Floor King is a cinch!Product Details Own your innate awesomeness in your exclusive Men’s Plus Size Raggedy Andy Costume! Show off your playful sense of style in a red, blue and white shirt with a playful black bow tie that fastens behind the collar. Pull on those powder blue capris with the big white buttons and get ready to jump, jive, and boogie! Add the red and white striped socks, and pop on the touchably soft red yarn wig! The blue, red, and white hat is the final word in accessorizing – we bet Ken would never be confident enough to wear something so daring!It’s Not a CompetitionBut if it was, we bet you’d beat all the other dolls to win the popularity prize! After all, Raggedy Andy is still going strong after more than a century. People clearly love him! Find out why when you wear this awesome costume!