Plus Size Nightmare Clown Men’s Costume


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Thanks, Purchasing TeamLet’s see, what do we have here? Looks like—aaaaaaaaaagh. A clown! It’s another scary clown costume. Oof. Ehhh. Ick! Listen, clowns make us really uneasy. We can barely even contain ourselves just looking at this horrifying clown costume. We keep on telling our coworkers in the purchasing team to stop buying these things and setting them at our desks, but they just keep showing up. At this point, we think they must be ordering these things to freak us out… and quite frankly, it’s working. Of course, if you’re here then you either LOVE clowns, or you just want to freak out your friends, much like our friendly coworkers on the purchasing team who keep getting these really scary clown costumes in. Either way, let’s have a look at this Plus Size Nightmare Clown Costume.Product DetailsThis frightening costume combines classic clown features with really horrific details that really earns the title “nightmare” for this outfit. The costume starts out with a white and red striped shirt that has hook and loop fastener at the back of the neck. It also has blood red pom puffs on the front—you know, for added terror! The pants feature an elastic band in the waist to help provide a comfortable fit. The black ruffled collar fits around the neck, adding a macabre style to the whole look. The mask brings the whole look together! It’s molded to look like one freaky clown face and it even has cracks and smeared makeup to make you look like a murderous clown on the loose.A True NightmareThis plus size Nightmare Clown Costume is your one-way ticket to becoming the creepiest clown in town. Then, you’ll have no problem giving your friends and family a good scare.