Plus Size Men’s Mummy Costume | Exclusive Jumpsuit


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Bad WrapMummies always get a bad rap, but how do you think you would react if some fellow wearing a pith hat came barging into your treasure room and then woke you up from a 2,000 sleep? Would you give him a hug, or would you groggily stumble awake, grumbling at those who disturbed your slumber? Honestly, most mummies probably just need a good cup of coffee and a croissant to put them in a better mood. But alas, movies just portray them as a emotionless monsters who stroll the Earth looking for people to curse. One of these days, maybe the movies will finally portray a nice mummy who just needs a hearty breakfast to set him right…Perhaps you can start giving mummies a good name by becoming a friendly mummy! We happen to have this exclusive outfit, which should let you transform into the iconic misunderstood monster movie villain.Product DetailsThis plus size mummy costume, which is an exclusive design made by our very own costume creators, has a classic look inspired by the old mummy films. It comes with a knit jumpsuit that has plenty of gauze strips attached to it, giving a freshly embalmed kind of look. The jumpsuit also has an attached head wrap that goes around your head, completing the look. It also comes with extra bandage strips to help you customize the outfit to your liking.Friendly Mummy, or Vengeful Undead?Once you have this outfit on, you can finally start changing the public opinion on mummies. Just do plenty of good deeds and act friendly to everyone you come across. Of course, if that doesn’t seem to work and people still run away from you screaming in horror, then you can just go on a rampage. You’ll certainly be dressed properly for inflicting the mummy’s curse on your victims!